Oct 12, 2022
Katia Gomez
Honduras Schools - E2E Update

Katia Gomez, past Rotary District Scholar and Founder of Educate2Envision International, will update the club on the impact of our Global Grant on low-income youth in rural Honduras. Katia started the organization her senior year of college with the intention to bridge the gap between primary school and secondary school in the most remote agrarian communities of Honduras. To date her organization has provided over 1,000 scholarships and built a network of 16 schools (7th-9th grade) which double as leadership academies for young adults to learn how to assess community needs and develop youth-led solutions to issues ranging from clean water to deforestation. Rotary Club of San Leandro was the first donor to award E2E with a grant which started the first school in Honduras in 2012.