New member Jacqui Diaz has spent most of her life living in San Leandro, which has been delightful. If you ask her what was her favorite job, Jacqui may start a list that you’ll begin to wish you’d never asked her the question. Jacqui has been working in the public sector for 43 years, which proudly includes her first job as a camp counselor for the City of San Leandro (in fact, that was her favorite job). Her undergrad studies included Geology and Physical Anthropology (a fancy term for archaeology) because she really wanted to follow in Indiana Jones’ footsteps. But rather than being chased by a falling boulder, she ended up working for the City of San Leandro most of her career, along with the cities of Union City, Dublin, and Pleasanton, as well as serving a special district and some nonprofit agencies. 
She’s excited to admit that she’s worked in almost every department of local government – including law enforcement, communications, economic development, human resources, city clerk, sustainability, recreation, housing, community development, capital improvement, and general mayhem, amongst other exciting duties. She’s moved boats during the dredging of the Marina, she’s run the Cherry Festival, worked at the Tony Lema golf course, and called bingo at the senior center.  But she’s also worked on the budget, managed Human Resources, and written public policy. Her favorite role was Deputy City Manager and Interim Assistant City Manager because of the wide variety of challenges, and every day brought a new riddle to figure out.  
Jacqui has a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a certificate in Social Media Marketing, along with a variety of weird certifications like earthquake response.  Her favorite people in the world are her three children – Joe, Marie, and Juliana and her husband Loren (he golfs, in case you need an extra), and her giant dog Maverick-the-cowardly-Golden Retriever.
Does she have anything interesting or fun facts? She’s an active volunteer at Assumption Parish, and she initiated the Jack Watson Industrial Arts scholarship program for high school graduates. She currently works for our very own Kim Pace from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro and LOVES it.  She enjoys horses, archery, cooking, swing dance, gardening, and reading, and many other hobbies enjoyed by introverts. Really glad to join the newly energized San Leandro Rotary Club!