Jun 08, 2022
Juraj Gago, Co-CEO Simplicity App
Rotary a Happy Start for Successful App Developer

Juraj is a young entrepreneur, book author, and triathlete. 
 During his high school studies in Illinois, USA, he fell in love with innovations and entrepreneurship.  Later on, Juraj went for university studies to Denmark and Germany. He was studying international business in BAA Aarhus, where he met his business partner Andrej Krúpa. Together, they wrote two inspirational books, “Hlava 20” and “Hlava 21”. At that time, both were in their early twenties. Books under the title “Hlava” became bestsellers in Slovakia and were nominated for best books of the year. During this time, they also started a company named Simplicity. Simplicity is startup which raised over $10Mm from professional investors, has 40 employees and is used by more than 30 cities in USA, including San Leandro.