Rusk is a Colorado transplant and moved here from Denver about four years ago. He misses the Rockies, hiking in the mountains, and cross-country skiing. While in Denver, Rusk enjoyed the vast range of craft beer available, and with his background in Fermentation, he started brewing beer at home, routinely cranking out four or five different IPAs at a time. He enjoys making cocktails for friends and, with his wife Patti, frequently visits wineries in our area.

Rusk met his soulmate Patti online during the pandemic, and they decided to tie the knot soon after. Rusk has a daughter Indira who’s 28, and Patti has a daughter Jade (30), and a son Hunter (25). Patti is an ICU nurse who works in the City. Rusk and Patti love gardening, wine tasting, and entertaining and are die-hard festival ‘junkies’ who seek out festivals and fairs and make a fun day trip visiting them.

Even though Rusk has lived in large cities like Mumbai and New York City, he is a small-town guy at heart and enjoys the amenities and social life that SL offers. Rusk cares deeply about the planet we live on and the resources we all need to protect, and he joined the Rotary Club because he knew that the people here shared the same vision and passion for the world we live in. As a member of our Club, Rusk is able to contribute to improving our community, in particular, and the world we live in, in some small way.