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Our motto is Service Above Self

UPDATE: ZOOM Meetings In Lieu of Weekly Luncheons

With the Shelter in Place order in California, we are holding our weekly Rotary gatherings online via Zoom.  

See Calendar for zoom meeting info
or contact President, Amy Neuman, to request
the meeting ID & passcode

Wednesdays, 12 noon

Please consider donating the $15 lunch fee (or whatever amount you may want to donate) to the Rotary Foundation

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to support organizations and efforts that are working to beat COVID in our local San Leandro community.
Any and all support is welcomed and appreciated!

Service and Generosity

Noodles Pho Me came through once again by donating hot meals to low income older adults in San Leandro. It’s such a pleasure to partner with Tong and Cindy to bring delicious meals to those in need in our city. Thank you for your service and generosity!
"Service Above Self"
On March 17, 2020, Rotarian Morgan Mack Rose had just started a new job. Feeling grateful to be employed, and wanting to do something to help those who weren't, she began volunteering every Friday morning at the San Lorenzo Food Pantry. Rotarians Dianne Dorn and Jesse Bowdle started to help too.

Rotary Club of San Leandro is creating opportunities for rural youth in communities across Honduras in partnership with The Rotary Club of Villa Real Tegucigalpa and San Leandro-based charity Educate2Envision.

Students that otherwise would have been forced into migration or trapped in the same cycle of poverty as their parents were instead given opportunities to gain new marketable skills. The Rural Youth Development Global Grant funded vocational training programs for aspiring carpenters, beauticians, firefighters, and barbers including internships in the hospitality and coffee industries that gave employment opportunities to high school-aged youth. Nearly 100 students attended entrepreneurship courses and participated in conferences led by Honduran professionals from various sectors ranging from the medical field to environmental conservation. These types of opportunities are rarely available to rural youth, so our Club was proud to play a crucial role in empowering the next generation of leaders in Honduras's most remote communities!

We Are Rotary,
We Are People of Action



The Rotary 4-Way Test

(of the things we think, say or do)

Thanks to Esther Prichett for the 4-Way Test graphics!
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