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Volunteer Coordinator with Building Futures in San Leandro. 

Emma has a very interesting background.  Her childhood was spent in Indiana, and she attended Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.  Her graduate work was done in England and India.  Emma left her home area of Petaluma to join the Building Futures team in San Leandro.


Volunteer Program and Community Affairs Manager with Meals on Wheels. 

Adrien went to Cal, and his background is in Public Relations (the policy end of this). He loves networking and volunteering.  His younger brothers went to San Leandro High School, and they were involved in some Interactor activities.

Our Motto: Service Above Self

Rotary Club of San Leandro
Meeting Information

In-person meetings are back!

For the last few weeks we have been meeting at Harry's Hoffbrau: 14900 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94578

June 23rd is the Demotion Dinner for outgoing President Amy Neuman and we will have the swearing-in of President-Elect Jennifer Reed.

We won't have a meeting on June 30th, 2021.

See calendar for additional meeting info
or contact President, Amy Neuman.

Join us in welcoming our newest member!

Club President Amy Neuman recently inducted Emma Falley, Volunteer Coordinator with Building Futures, into the Rotary Club of San Leandro.

2021 Scholarships

Friday is volunteer time with Meals on Wheels

In our club, every Friday it’s time to volunteer with SOS Meals on Wheels! Each week our members hit the streets, delivering nutritious meals to San Leandro seniors. Interested in making a difference in our community? Want to know more about our club? Let us know. We’d love to talk to you. 

Community Butterfly Garden

Some of our grant funds are being used to create
a community butterfly garden at the Principled Academy in San Leandro. Rotarians, school staff, students, and friends all took part in the fun. Plants are in the ground! We can’t wait to see them thrive and provide a great new habitat for butterflies in San Leandro.

The Inner Wheel Excellence Spirit Award celebrates its first in-person meeting and 2021-22 Installation of Officers at Harry's Hofbrau

The INNER WHEEL (IW) CLUB of San Leandro, our partner organization, recently celebrated its first in-person meeting & 2021-22 Installation of Officers at Harry’s Hofbrau. Everyone was so excited to be together!   

Outgoing President Alice Sarafian presented many outstanding awards. IW Excellence Spirit Awards were presented to JoAnn Cornelius, Gloria Vasconcellos, Kristi Barnes, Linda Mahadevan, Joanne Frazier, Isabel Polvorosa, and Pearl Johnston.   

Linda Stroud, Lola Chase’s daughter, accepted a Certificate of Appreciation in memory of her mother’s incredible devotion to the principles of IW. 

Inner Wheel USA also presented the club with the Year of Achievement Award for strengthening the Objects of IW through the fulfillment of the Award objective.    

Gloria Vasconcellos graciously installed the new Officers with a beautiful ceremony and stated “Installing new officers is like opening new doors of opportunity, service & friendship.”  

Each new officer was presented with a key to ‘open’ each position:   

Voting Delegates - Responsibility: Kristina Seher & Jeanette Arenott  

Memories - Historian: Pat Duey  

Communication - Editor: Pearl Johnston   

Awareness - Foundation Coordinator: JoAnn Cornelius   

Friendship - International Service Officer: Pearl Johnston   

Trust -Treasurer: Barbara Mehan  

Faithfulness - Secretary: Jeanette Arenott  

Loyalty - Vice President: Joanne Frazier  

Master Key - President: Lynnette Flusche  

Immediate Past President: Alice Sarafian   

The club was awarded the Key of Cooperation as it stands on the threshold of a new year. IW SAN LEANDRO LEADS THE CHANGE!   

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